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I created this project with my business partner thinking of our kids. As immigrant moms, we had the need to teach our kids through fun content and songs our Latin American values. That's why we decided to make this show in Spanish for preschoolers. I was so excited to create not only part of the content but the characters and aesthetics of the show. You can go to our YouTube channel to watch all the episodes or go to Spotify to listen to all the songs.


I was invited to participate in an amazing fundraising event called PINTA MI CUNA. This event took place during Art Basel week in Miami. The idea is that each artist received a new white crib, and we had to paint it in our own style. The cribs were sold the day of the opening night in an auction where the proceeds went to TECHO, an international non-profit organization that seeks to improve living conditions and opportunities for impoverished children and families throughout Latin America.