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So excited to create my first NFT with Augmented Reality and Sound. You can activate the animation with the ARTIVIVE APP. If you download the app right now you can activate the animation right now from the device you are seeing this. Download ARTIVIVE and place your phone over the illustration below and you'll see the magic happen! You can visit my FOUNDATION page to learn more about my piece.


I was contacted by Michelle Abbs the founder of an amazing community in Miami called WEB3 EQUITY. The mission of this community is to help women onboard on the WEB3 space. She wanted to launch an NFT collection that represented Women in Miami. My interpretation of what she wanted to create where the voices of all women across the WEB3 Space. The launch of the collection was at my favorite museum in Miami called Perez Art Museum.

Check out my blog where I talk about this amazing experience.


I exhibited this piece during Miami Art Basel for an amazing Web3 event organized by Bit Basel.
The best part of creating this NFT is that it was selected to be part of the first digital museum going to the moon🚀 the Lunaprise Museum. You can learn more about this amazing project happening in Summer 2023 here.


Doctor 1919 is an NFT collection inspired by an important Saint from Venezuela called José Gregorio Hernández. This collection was created by 19 Venezuelan artists to help children in their home country who are in need of food and education. My inspiration was the figure of José Gregorio Hernández and the iconic plants and flowers from Venezuela. All funds raised from the sale of the NFTs will be donated directly to providing food and education to children in need. Each artwork is a unique, one-of-a-kind NFT that can be purchased on the website of the project.